Letters to the Editor

Water rights: Politics gets in way of solution

Re: “Legislature adjourns with no rural water fix or capital budget,” (TNT, 7/20).

There is a standstill in the state Legislature because the House and Senate cannot come to an agreement on a fix for the Supreme Court water rights decision known as Hirst.

The Department of Ecology is Washington’s water resource manager; it makes sense to rely on it for adequate water supply. County budgets are already stretched and don’t have the resources or experience to take on such a task.

The Senate took a stand for rural Washington, passing a permanent Hirst fix four times. The House did not bring a single Hirst bill to the floor for a vote once in the 2017 session.

Washingtonians need a permanent fix this year. Thousands of landowners are sitting on empty lots or have land with wells they cannot use, and have to wait to build the home of their dreams.

The House needs to show voters in rural Washington it cares about small businesses like mine. Politics is depriving citizens of a fundamental and crucial resource.

(Wilson is chief operating officer of Soundbuilt Homes.)