Letters to the Editor

Anthem: Sitting can be more respectful than standing

Re: “Don’t want to stand for anthem? Then walk away from football,” (TNT, 8/15).

Sports columnist John McGrath criticizes Seahawks lineman Michael Bennett and others who take a knee or sit during the national anthem, something they do as a statement about the very real problem of racism in America.

McGrath thinks Bennett should stand so as not to make any of his sensitive teammates uncomfortable, but Bennett shows more respect for America and more agreement with its foundational values in his sitting than a lot of people show in their standing.

Ku Klux Klansmen and Nazis parade through American cities waving symbols of hatred and genocide and chanting incendiary racist slogans, and you can bet that every one of them stands for the national anthem

Bennett has chosen to show respect for the actual values of America, and in doing so he displays more courage and patriotism than all the flag-waving racists who marched on Charlottesville.

It isn’t the customary posture of respect, but there is nothing disrespectful of American values in Bennett’s sitting with a towel draped over his head.