Letters to the Editor

Hate: Are we Divided States of America?

According to our constitution, people here have the right to free speech and peaceful assembly. Pitifully, a lot of people in this country are too closed-minded to agree with the constitution.

It’s amazing how divided people are. Perhaps it would be more accurate to call our country the DSA (Divided States of America). A short list of hate groups might include the KKK, white power, anti-Jewish, Black Lives Matter, LGBTs and of course Democrats and Republicans.

Even people from three of the world’s great religions are said to be haters. But true Christians, Jews and Muslims do not hate people; they rightfully hate the evils in the world.

People are too closed-minded to consider other peoples thoughts and feelings. The result is chaos and even murder.

President Abraham Lincoln, a man hated by some and loved by many, said that a nation divided cannot long endure. Many historians believe the Civil War gave birth to the United States. Will it take another bloody war to unite us again?