Letters to the Editor

Trump: Coining term ‘alt-left’ is a travesty

It is with a sense of ironic disgust that I listened to President Trump’s desperate attempt to create a moral equivalency between fascist white supremacists and those who oppose them.

The irony lies in the fact that a recent government report found that by far most acts of domestic terrorism in the U.S. come from the far right, with nearly three times the number of incidents as those attributed to individuals identified with groups like ISIS.

When Trump (or perhaps Steve Bannon) concocts a term like “alt-left” to try to conjure some fantasy of equal and opposite violent forces, he is lying. This lie will likely be perpetuated in many commentaries to come, but we can now precisely pinpoint its origin.

The left has recently attacked statues while the white nationalists, like their Nazi predecessors, attack people. Apologists for their actions must share the blame.