Letters to the Editor

Statues: Remove all Civil War monuments

Through my research on my ancestry, I have discovered I have ancestors who fought on both sides in the Civil War. I always admired the monuments erected to remember those who fought and find it foolish to tear down any of these works of art.

To do so would be tantamount to Islamic extremists defacing ancient Buddhist shrines in the Middle East – destructive and stupid.

To those on the progressive left who rant and cry like spoiled children about Confederate statues in Southern cities, I propose a compromise that is fair to everyone:

Let’s remove all statues from the public square commemorating the war - in the North, South, East and West - and place them in buildings where those who wish to view them can do so.

That way, the crybabies won’t have to look at them while sane people interested in history and art can do so at their leisure within a building where both viewers and monuments are protected from the elements.