Letters to the Editor

Nazism: Old veterans would roll over in graves

My father, his brother and my stepfather are three of many thousands of American heroes who each spent four years fighting fascism, Nazism and imperialism during World War II. My stepfather was wounded at Monte Cassino. My mother’s sister’s husband died in Korea, fighting fascism by another name.

Their examples had me volunteering for military service at age 17. Unfortunately, a birth defect that caused partial paralysis on my right side had the Navy recruiter reject me. My argument that there must be some way I could serve was rejected. I have never been more disappointed in my life.

These relatives have all passed away. It is probably for the best they never lived to hear President Trump say that some people who march under a Nazi flag are “good people.”

They are not. At best they are fools; at worst they are evil. The fact that a president would insult and demean real heroes and their parents while defending Nazis surpasses anything my father could have imagined.