Letters to the Editor

Anthem: An open letter to Seahawk player

Dear Michael Bennett:

First off I would like to thank you for the many moments of great football that you have given us, and of your charity work. I would never attempt to curtail your freedom to do and say as you wish; it is your God-given right to sit during the national anthem.

I donned a military uniform to make certain you had that right. Some of us have seen action and some have not, but we all took an oath that if sent into harm’s way we would have done so, to preserve your rights.

We all know that perfection on earth does not exist, and must work together to make this country and world a better place, and hold that the actions of a few cannot stand among civilized people.

But you, by your actions, have spit in my face as with all my brothers and sisters in arms. If you want to be the south end of a northbound horse, you are free and have the God-given right to do so. But many of us find your actions beneath contempt.