Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Historic building needs attention soon

We all seem to have that house on the block that never gets fresh paint, which leads to an unsightly neighbor and a home that slowly enters into a state of disrepair.

None of us likes those homes in our neighborhood. The only thing that makes it worse is when it is a city-owned building with a plaque designating it as “historic.”

The building I’m describing is located at 425 Tacoma Ave. S. Even though I called the city in 2015, the building continues to slide into disrepair with peeling paint and siding that shows early signs of rot.

Why is the city neglecting this historic structure? I am always confused and frustrated by government entities that indicate they need more money to build new structures when the current ones aren’t maintained.

City maintenance of its infrastructure and real estate is fair at best and all too often leads to a significant cost to taxpayers.