Letters to the Editor

RedLine: Name dispute doesn't reflect well

Re: “Redline group says its name will change,” (TNT, 8/24).

I’m enjoying the little spectacle of the naming challenge, feeling a little guilty about it. But still, this is a group that has justified its distortions of facts in its work against the methanol facility (I agree with the results, not the methods) and the LNG facility in the name of righteous environmental fury.

Now, here comes the posse. The energy around the incidental connection between this group’s name, and the past results of discriminatory housing and lending practices known by this name, brings righteousness head to head with its mirror image.

The Action Collective and TPC Black Collective, whose actions I generally support, have a responsibility to measure their response to an issue like this. Just because you are usually on solid ground doesn’t mean you always are, and this kind of response, while it feels good, diminishes effectiveness.

Yes, it would be simple to change the name, but for both sides winning the naming battle and yielding to the demand seems like a tiny hollowing out of the cores of each.