Letters to the Editor

Marijuana: Happy statistics are deceptive

Re: “State’s pot law hasn’t meant more use by youths, study says,” (TNT, 9/3).

According to this interesting article, 17 percent of 10,835 high-school sophomores surveyed in 2016 said they used marijuana in the previous month. (That is the number of students who admitted to using marijuana.) The article further states that the level was 18 percent in 2006 and 20 percent in 2010.

Are teenagers now using stronger drugs such as heroin, meth and cocaine in place of marijuana? After all, a heroin epidemic does loom in Seattle and surrounding areas.

As far as I am concerned, voters who legalized recreational marijuana took the first step to opening the doors to legalize more potent, crazy drugs. And some political leaders support that move.

Many Seattle officials are taking the position to open injection sites for heroin and other dangerous drugs. Under government authority, people would be allowed to poison themselves, then be observed so they will not die. How ludicrous is that?

Addicts must save themselves by not using the drug. Heroin kills. Get it?