Letters to the Editor

Port: Public must speak to curb dirty industry

Until Sept. 15, The Tacoma Planning Commission is seeking public comment on the need for interim regulations to pause new and existing fossil fuel projects at our precious port.

I implore citizens to attend the hearing on Sept 13, at 6 p.m. at the Convention Center at 1500 Commerce St.. This is the big issue of our community!

I agree with several city leaders and environmental groups that lax regulations at the port have set Tacoma up as an easy target for fossil fuel multinationals to profit from our deep waters.

Such powerful groups do not provide lasting local jobs or remedy the likelihood of disaster (given that our Tideflats lie beneath a volcano, near an earthquake fault line and still hazardous superfund sites).

Please join me and many concerned citizens in supporting efforts to pause fossil fuel projects at the Port of Tacoma. These regulations will protect us until a long-term plan, which will take five years or so, is in place.