Letters to the Editor

Climate: Personal choices can help turn tide

Smoky, hazy days with falling ash. Longer high-temperature stretches. More forest fires. More powerful hurricanes and more droughts, storms and flooding worldwide.

All these unusual events are due to the rapid increase in greenhouse gasses. Climate change is bad for our health, for how we farm, how we build our cities, towns and buildings, and how we enjoy living.

We know the cause is our use of fossil fuels. What to do? Advocate with our representatives for a carbon fee and dividend back-to-us policy. This will drive the change to renewable energy sources.

Advocate our electric suppliers, Tacoma Public Utilities and Puget Sound Energy, to not use any coal. This is the highest producer of CO2 greenhouse gas.

Make the changes you can: Put on a solar-tiled or white roof to reflect heat, go electric with your next car, eat less beef and reduce food waste to reduce greenhouse gas methane.

We can make the choices.