Letters to the Editor

Data breach: State should make security freezes free

Re: “Equifax hacked; data of 143 million in peril,” (TNT, 9/8).

Equifax executives are dumping their stock, and all they have to offer to consumers is one year of free credit monitoring? Unbelievable!

Thank goodness that in Washington, we have the option of setting a credit security freeze to improve the security of our credit reports. Unfortunately, there is no free way to do this right now, as the credit bureaus have powerful lobbyists who were able to get our law passed with fees attached.

In light of this unfathomable data breach, I implore the Washington Legislature to stand up to the credit bureaus by improving our laws to make credit security freezes free to all consumers, whether affected by data breaches or not.

And urge all consumers to consider a credit security freeze for themselves and their families.