Letters to the Editor

Tacoma jobs: Don't grasp at any that come around

Re: “Grow jobs in the 253 or stay stuck in traffic jams,” (TNT guest column, 8/19).

Our mayor and county executive want to bring jobs to Tacoma and keep us out of traffic on Interstate 5. Great! But I question their methods.

The website linked in their op-ed goes to a page long on hype but short on specifics. What, for example, is a “family-wage” job? Is that a job that pays a living wage? If so, why not say so? Corporations and their minions wave jobs in front of our noses, but they don’t like to talk about wages or environmental stewardship.

Corporations such as Amazon that don’t pay living wages have created a population working multiple jobs to make ends meet, putting destructive pressure on families and communities. As Tacoma rents rise, that won’t work at all.

Outmoded fossil fuel industries, like an LNG plant, create toxic fumes and pollution, making Tacoma less livable.

Yes, Tacoma wants jobs, but grasping for any kind and paying millions in corporate welfare to tax-avoiding multinationals isn’t what Tacoma wants or needs. Our City of Destiny can lead in new green tech jobs and local businesses featuring union representation and living wages.

No candidate who doesn’t understand that gets my vote.