Letters to the Editor

Amazon: Company should do more for South Sound

I am an avid Amazon fan, a Kindle-owning, Alexa-whispering member of Amazon Prime. The presence of it and other tech companies in Seattle has had many advantages in Pierce County, such as home values, but also many disadvantages, such as rent costs, traffic, etc.

Many people in Pierce County work for Amazon warehouses in Kent or DuPont, or commute to Seattle to work at their headquarters. In light of this, I am always so disappointed to see Pierce County, specifically Tacoma, constantly neglected when Amazon rolls out new programs.

So I can drive for Amazon Now in Seattle, but no one will deliver to me here? What about Amazon Fresh? Why does Amazon’s second-biggest supporter have to wait until after cities like Richmond, Virginia (which only has 10,000 more people) get some of these benefits?

Come on, Amazon. Do better by us.