Letters to the Editor

NFL: League's lack of morality nothing new

“Watching NFL becomes growing moral quandary,” (Matt Driscolll column, 9/7).

“Football runs in my family.” columnist Driscoll tells us.

My working class family did not talk sports at the dinner table but rather history, politics and philosophy. We were taught we had to know where we have been to know where we are going, both as a person and a nation.

As a child, I was taught moral conduct towards family, friends and community. Sports was never held in high regard or offered as a moral standard to be copied.

As an adult, I see the sports business has become far worse. Not only because of the questions Driscoll asks, but because it has no problem with wife beaters and thugs.

It is a business that steals public tax dollars from schools and other community organizations to build their arenas, doing even more damage to the common good. And as pointed out, it abuses its employees/players as well.

Driscoll writes: “When it comes to the NFL, I’m still hooked. I’m a hypocrite.”.

I would just say, “Yes, indeed you are!”