Letters to the Editor

Climate: Extreme weather events no fluke

Re: “Nothing to see here, say climate change deniers,” (TNT, 9/10).

Columnist Leonard Pitts correctly states that “deniers” are refusing to acknowledge both proven climate science and the stark reality of the terrible beating the earth has taken this summer from extreme weather.

Floods (not only in Houston, and now Florida) but also world-wide (from Britain, Ireland, Sudan, Uganda, plus 10 times normal monsoons in India, Nepal and Bangladesh) have affected 41 million people, with the death toll exceeding 1,000.

The earth’s temperature has increased in 14 of the last 15 years. Warmer weather heats the oceans, which cause more evaporation, which increases atmospheric moisture, which increases rainfall. And warmer oceans rise, due in part to thermal expansion, hence a rise in sea level.

All this after record heat this summer in California and the Northwest, leading to a record season for wildfires. British Columbia thus far has fought more than 1,000 different fires consuming over 1 million hectares.

In Europe, the period from January to July was the hottest on record for much of Spain, Portugal, France and Sicily.

Mother Nature is speaking to us; we need to start listening and seriously deal with climate change.