Letters to the Editor

State tests: Not having to pass sounds like fairy tale

Waldemar Estrella


Re: “Kids who fail state tests can still earn diploma,” (TNT, 9/5).

Once there were three high school senior bears. One wanted to enter military service, one wanted to go to trade school and the last one wanted to go to college.

The park ranger, serving as their guidance counselor, told them they needed to earn a high school diploma and to do this they must pass all of their classes and pass the state exams. For the next few years they studied very hard. The day finally came, the exam results came in the mail.

The ranger notified each bear that they had passed all of their classes and the state mandatory exams, earning them a diploma.

Then Goldilocks walked into the middle of the celebration. When she asked them what they were celebrating, each bear boasted of how they had earned their diploma by passing all of their classes and the state’s mandatory exams.

To that Goldilocks replied, “Oh, that test. I failed that test. Thanks to the Legislature’s new law, I applied for and received a waiver for the test. I too have a diploma, just like yours!”

The three bears with dropped jaws and the park ranger scratching his head could just stare back at Goldilocks.