Letters to the Editor

Vietnam: Thankful spirit to veterans rekindled

Sunday night’s PBS special on the Vietnam War reminds me to give thanks to all Vietnam veterans.

In 1970 as a 13 year old, I began a pen-pal correspondence with a soldier who was fighting in Vietnam. I wore my bracelet with his name on it everyday, swearing I would not take it off until he made it home.

I was 16 when he came home but did not take it off until 1975 when the war was officially “over.” But as we all know, it never ended for so many of our veterans. They went through hell in Vietnam and also when they came home.

I participated in sit-ins and protests. We were the first generation to question our government. And we have learned that we must hold our government leaders in check.

Thank you for all you sacrificed in the war. Our nation is stronger because of you and soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Susan P. Cooper, Tacoma