Letters to the Editor

Border wall: You can bet it won't be built

Will President Trump’s wall ever get built? Probably not, for several reasons.

Environment: In many places, this land is arid, remote, mountainous. Not to mention scorching weather only to get worse as climate change continues unabated.

Logistics: Roads would be required for transporting equipment and material (massive amounts of concrete). Also, like the Bakken oil field in North Dakota, workers’ encampments would have to be established. Either that, or workers would have to drive many miles every day.

Time: Sixteen years to completion. Trump would probably be dead by then. Fittingly, a plaque might be installed attesting to the wall’s monumental stupidity (depending on one’s perspective).

Cost: $25 billion, not including overruns. Money would be better spent rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure. Trump’s claim that Mexico will pay for the wall was laughable.

Immigration: Two-thirds of illegals arrive as tourists or on a temporary visa; they simply overstay. And thousands of potentially illegals cross at checkpoints every day, to work and play. There’s nothing to curtail a wayward impulse, if they decide to remain here.

For sure, Trump made a promise. His diehard followers expect him to keep it. Perhaps they should ask themselves whether it was worth keeping.

Patrick M. O’Brien, Tacoma