Letters to the Editor

Seahawks: Lack of loyalty cuts both ways

No nation is perfect, including the U.S.A. Indeed, there are things about America that I lament. But that doesn't mean I disrespect our country the way the Seahawks did when they boycotted the Star Spangled Banner prior to losing a game in Tennessee.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have suffered and died for the nation which these well-paid athletes insulted with their lack of support. Our country has given them -- and the free world --so very much.

I can't totally blame these players for their lack of patriotism. More and more school history classes focus on our country's flaws. As a result, many young people are naïve about why they should appreciate America, or honor the national anthem.

As for the Hawks, if they cannot be loyal to our homeland, I cannot be loyal to them.

Thomas Hoyle, University Place