Letters to the Editor

Protests: Seahawk should spend year with Seattle PD

Seahawks lineman Michael Bennett has every right to sit on the bench during the national anthem, drawing attention to what he considers police misconduct and racial profiling.

Bennett’s recent experience at a Las Vegas casino solidifies his claim of police profiling and unfairness.

But I would suggest that before Bennett considers any other form of protest, he resigns (or takes a sabbatical) from the NF . During this time he could join the Seattle Police Department and have the opportunity to “walk in their shoes.”

After a year, if he still remains a social activist, his credibility would greatly increase. But he shouldn’t use the NFL for his platform.

Our constitution, symbolized by the flag and anthem, gives him this right to draw attention to his plight. However, this right was earned through the strength and blood of our military families, not the NFL.

Phil L. Asay, Spanaway