Letters to the Editor

Trump: Missed chances to penalize athletes

Sure, President Trump shoots from the hip with his reactionary comments. He’s a New Yorker. Duh.

But he did miss an opportunity to make several points about professional athletes that a more refined linguist would have been able to articulate. In no particular order:

1. NFL teams are businesses, owned and operated by individuals and boards. Who signs the players paychecks? Can I “take a knee” at the next staff meeting where I work? I’d be fired on the spot!

2. Missed opportunity: The NFL still enjoys non-profit status Seriously? Trump should have threatened to remove this huge loophole.

3. Uninviting NBA player Stephen Curry from a White House visit was actually a good move by Trump. There was a time where this novelty was great, when ball players’ incomes actually matched school teachers, etc., and it was thrilling for the “everyman” to visit the president. Now it’s a bunch of millionaires with a soapbox thinking their opinions matter.

There’s enough shame to go around here.

Chase Nordlund, Tacoma