Letters to the Editor

Flag: A delicate object of worship? Definitely not

The American flag is not an idol to be worshiped. It is a symbol of a brave, idealistic and worthy experiment in democracy.

But let’s be clear about one thing: Our country is not perfect. It must strive to deserve the love and respect of all its people.

The national anthem describes our flag as an enduring symbol that can weather the storm of war. Those who believe that kneeling during the anthem diminishes our flag simply do not understand the principles for which it stands. They also lack faith in the strength of this symbol and our country.

The flag is not so delicate that it must be blindly adored. On the contrary, we must continually work to grow and evolve in order to validate our flag and country.

This is hard and painful. It requires courage to confront our flaws, determination to repair them and constant vigilance against complacency

The flag is the very symbol of the ideals that protect and allow people to protest (and kneel) when they do not feel our country is living up to its core beliefs and responsibilities.

Respecting the rights of all Americans is respecting the flag.

Brenda Kelley, Tacoma