Letters to the Editor

AG lawsuit: No minimum wage for lawbreakers

Re: “Detention Center hit with minimum-wage lawsuit,” (TNT, 9/21)

Our American prisons have for years paid prisoners 10 or 12 cents an hour to make license plates and such, yet nobody has cried foul over that. It’s because they made a choice in life and are paying the price for their actions.

If in fact the courts should take Attorney General Bob Ferguson seriously and rule in favor of his lawsuit, we can expect more illegals to turn themselves in and cash in on the bounty. Or they might even encourage more border crossers to come to America, where they pay you thousands of dollars to do some labor while in lockup!

The fundamental argument is that this detention center is raking in millions and keeping the money, but should share the wealth.

Yes, it already does — by employing staff and security guards, who are legal Americans.

I say load up the buses full and send them back to their countries.

Costi Mahshi, Tacoma