Letters to the Editor

Election: Meredith Neal right for Tacoma council

I have lived in Tacoma almost 10 years. I own a business, practice law, am a homeowner and a single mother. I love Tacoma and plan to call it home for a long time to come.

I hate politics. I have no time for it, nor the stomach. This year I have gotten involved - taken some of my precious free time — to stump for Meredith Neal for Tacoma City Council, Position 6.

Why? Because I believe 100 percent that she's in it for the right reasons and is who Tacoma needs.

Neal is able to understand complex ideas, has compassion for people and their needs, and has the unique ability to see the whole picture. She is who Tacoma needs now, as we struggle to become and remain more than Seattle's bedroom community.

I know that Neal will work tirelessly to ensure that my child is safe, my environment sound, my community members taken care of and my business thriving. She will do the same for each of you.

Jennifer D. Andrews, Tacoma