Letters to the Editor

Anthem: Abolish it at games; problem solved

The most eloquent solution to the national anthem problem is to stop singing it at football games.

Who has any right to choose what song we sing about our country anyway, especially at civilian events that are not military or government ceremonies?

The so-called national anthem, about the British attack on Fort McHenry in the War of 1812, was written by Francis Scott Key, a man who supported slavery.

One verse that we have conveniently expunged condemns rebel slaves who fought on the side of the Brits, who encouraged slaves to leave their American masters.

Some actually did, including a black regiment that defeated Lieutenant Key at the Battle of Bladdensburg. In the censored verse, Key condemns "the hireling and slave" who fought with the British.

We can do better than this. Sing "America the Beautiful." Better yet, observe a minute of silence for all who suffer oppression in this world.

Kneel if you like, or stand and join hands.

Fred LaMotte, Steilacoom