Letters to the Editor

Las Vegas: Desensitized and not proud of it

I watched the news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas for a couple of hours before finally switching the channel. Hours later I heard the news about Tom Petty dying.

It was the news of Petty’s death that made me cry.

I’ve become jaded and anesthetized to mass shootings in America since Sandy Hook, when those little children were gunned down and not much was done. I no longer have an expectation that anything will ever change when breaking news reports on yet another shooting.

For me, it’s not much different than hearing about a fatal multiple vehicle pile-up on I-5. It’s just one of those things that seems to happen all the time.

As usual, there is far too much coverage of this shooting and the killer. I hate that they keep reporting this one as the worst in history. Authorities can’t seem to find a motive with this latest guy.

Maybe his only motive was competition.

I had tears for Petty, but only a detached and familiar shock about Vegas. That doesn’t make me feel very good about myself, but it’s the truth.