Letters to the Editor

Protests: Kneeling isn’t act of disrespect

Why are so many upset because a man knelt for the national anthem? When I was young, I was taught to kneel when praying to someone and something far greater and more powerful than the anthem.

Some people believe that person I knelt for had the power to create human life and place it on this earth, and help me in times of crisis. My sister said everyone should believe in something.

I am offended another human being thinks they can judge me if I kneel. The individual who knelt would have been lambasted if he stood and clenched his fist during the national anthem, even if the president stated “standing” was acceptable.

Step back and really examine why you’re so angry. The person who knelt was a football player, not a role model, nor should he have been.

I am very proud of my young nephew who is African-American. He played football, graduated from college and now wants to be a teacher. Sometimes I want to kneel and pray that he made the right choice.