Letters to the Editor

Election: Tacoma needs Merritt, Cowan and Davis

These new candidates for local offices would be the best choice for bringing fresh ideas to our city.

Jim Merritt, who’s running for Tacoma mayor, would have avoided the lengthy, embarrassing methanol debacle with his basic principle: Ask the public first. His business affiliations and many connections to community will be a great asset in leading Tacoma forward.

Philip Cowan, candidate for City Council Position 2, has 11 years of leadership as executive director of The Grand Cinema and has created a great, profitable treasure for our community. His stance on environment is encouraging, though he’s not against job creation.

He advocates for small businesses and creating jobs that are greener for Tacoma. He’s not afraid to take a stand against PSE’s LNG project, and he will be an advocate for residents of Northeast Tacoma.

Noah Davis is not afraid to stand up for change in the Port of Tacoma. As a Northeast Tacoma resident, he knows first-hand the effect industry has on his neighborhood. With his vision, he will bring new ideas for sustainable job creation without the devastating environmental and safety aspects.