Letters to the Editor

Election: Cowan better pick for Tacoma council

Re: “We endorse: Thoms, Hunter for Tacoma City Council 2 and 6,” (TNT, 10/18).

In your Editorial Board endorsement, you say that District 2 candidate Philip Cowan “didn’t persuade us that the outspoken incumbent deserves a pink slip.” We must concur, because Robert Thoms persuaded us of that all by himself.

When homeless shelters are already filled beyond capacity, punishing those who can’t get in is inhumane and does not provide a solution. Given that his advocacy for public safety hasn’t yielded results, Thoms’ only achievement in four years is the plastic bag ban; a meager showing.

We strongly prefer Cowan, who understands that his district’s interests are bound up with those of the rest of the city.

Sure, limiting industry in the port plays well in the neighborhoods that overlook it, but it also reduces living-wage jobs. Balancing the two is a challenge, and if Cowan doesn’t have definitive answers yet, he’s hardly alone.

But here’s a man who balanced The Grand Cinema’s books while paying its employees well over minimum wage. He knows how to spend funds effectively, how to deliver a product affordably without shorting those doing the work. We need those skills on the City Council.