Letters to the Editor

Health care: The people have spoken; it's a right

Like shelter, water, and personal security, I believe that health care is a right. Surely, the richest country in the world can afford health care for everyone. Like every democratic right, we earn it with our vote and taxes.

A truly democratic government responds to the needs of its people. The people have spoken in the majority against the recent decisions on DACA, health care and immigration.

As a result of these GOP policies, people will die. People like my son, who would have died or been forced into poverty without Obamacare.

While Trump distracts us with his lack of ethics, his contempt for the constitution and his monumental lies, his followers like to blame the liberal elite for their woes. But it’s the rich elite, left or right, who threaten democracy and seek only to increase their wealth and power.

Trump just increased the cost of health care in this country by 20 percent. Tomorrow, he will want to give a tax break to the wealthy and big business. This is cruel and wrong.

We must speak out and use all non-violent means, including civil disobedience, to ensure justice for all people.