Letters to the Editor

Election: Choose Arnold as Tacoma's business voice

Re: “We endorse Grossman, Beale for Tacoma council 4 and 5,” (TNT editorial, 10/19).

The only thing you got right was that “a small business owner’s voice would be good for the council.” Brian Arnold should be that voice for small business owners, their customers and, even more important, the residents of our area.

According to the Small Business Association, small businesses account for half of all jobs in this country. Unfortunately, the majority of the current council does not speak to or for small businesses, the backbone of our economy, and fails to even communicate with the business community as past councils have.

They have proven repeatedly they either do not understand or do not respect small business and their employees.

Worse, the TNT’s endorsed candidate in District 5 is a type already well represented — the council has plenty of “young progressives” and government workers on it, who engage in “shoulder-to-shoulder activism” and focus on the latest fads from Seattle.

As a small business owner in Tacoma for 40 years, I say what we really need is someone like Arnold who’s sincere in his effort to fix the issues facing our area and is not a political system insider.