Letters to the Editor

Election: Lakewood needs voice under age 35

Ria Johnson-Covington’s election to Lakewood’s City Council will add energy, enthusiasm, diversity and the voice of those under 35, the first of a new generation of Lakewood leaders. I know her very well. I’m a fan!

Nearly 15 years ago, when I was on the Lakewood City Council, Ria was a standout on Lakewood’s Youth Council. She’s a product of Lakewood schools, independent since her teens, largely responsible for her own upbringing. Now married to a former soldier, she works for a large insurance company.

After years as a committed volunteer, Ria successfully took jobs in non-profits: Tacoma Urban League, Healthy Marriage/Responsible Fatherhood Coalition, Greater Pierce County Community Network. She has lobbied in Olympia for kids and families.

Active in many efforts, Ria has paid her dues, learning every step of the way, and is ready for elective office. She will do her homework and serve us well.