Letters to the Editor

Election: Thoms' intensity good for Tacoma

Robert Thoms is a commander in the United States Naval Reserves and is passionate about serving his country in this way. We are fortunate he is also serving his community as a member of the Tacoma City Council.

In both roles, Thoms is intense, forceful ,fiercely patriotic and dedicated. He is also very bright and a true leader. You do not rise to become a naval commander by being a wall flower.

Being 23 years older, I tell him to relax a bit. Forget it. Once, he flew back all night from Japan to attend an important council meeting. Sometimes, he pushes very hard on the council. So be it; he gets results, and should be reelected to District 2.

Thoms successfully led the effort to rehire 19 police officer positions lost during the recession. Now he will lead the effort to hire an additional 40 officers to get Tacoma police back to full force. And he will insist those officers be assigned to street patrol.

I’m proud to be a close friend of Thoms and his lovely family. I have mixed feelings about their dog. But I am quite sure that Thoms is very good for Tacoma.

(Ebersole is a former Tacoma mayor.)