Letters to the Editor

Election: Financial skill qualifies Cowan in Tacoma

Re: “We endorse Thoms, Hunter for Tacoma council 2 and 6,” (TNT editorial, 10/18).

The Editorial Board points out Philip Cowan’s successful fiscal management of Tacoma’s Grand Cinema Theatre. The City Council currently has no members with the extensive administrative and fiscal management expertise that Cowan has.

He is highly respected by the hundreds of Grand Cinema members, including myself, and many more from the broader Tacoma arts community, as a highly successful manager of this iconic theater.

The uninspiring current council needs fresh new faces like Cowan to better manage Tacoma. We badly need the addition of new forward-looking and problem-solving council members.

Cowan has spent much time door-belling, listening to and connecting with voters in the 2nd District. From these face-to-face discussions he has been refining his positions on hard subjects, such as promoting an environmentally responsible future for the Port, finding solutions for dealing with homelessness, crime prevention, and looking for ways to enhance economic development.

From the time I have spent around Cowan over the last several weeks, I believe he is the best choice to help rejuvenate the Tacoma City Council.