Letters to the Editor

Election: Let's shake up Puyallup City Hall

A search of Puyallup on TNT’s website brings up a litany of serious issues concerning my hometown.

Supporting Steve Vermillion’s three public records losses in court, paying millions over cost for a South Hill road project and losing control over the Knutson Industrial Park are three examples our city needs new leadership.

Property crimes and the homeless population in Puyallup are spiraling out of control. I consistently read about my neighbor’s vehicles and homes being broke into, and how many local businesses are affected by criminal transients.

I will be voting for Cynthia Jacobsen for City Council District 2. An accountant and math professor is exactly what Puyallup needs to guide its fiscal decisions, and she personally promised me she would make the homeless problem a priority.

If you want things to stay the same in Puyallup, vote for Heather Shadko. If you want change, vote for Jacobsen. She, Jim Kastama, and Dean Johnson are the team we need working for Puyallup.