Letters to the Editor

Mayor’s race: TNT actually makes case for Merritt

Re: “Woodards would carry bright torch for Tacoma,” (TNT endorsement, 10/22).

This endorsement for Victoria Woodards as mayor is curious. Any reader could only come away with the conclusion: that Jim Merritt is the better qualified candidate.

Both candidates have made creating family wage jobs a priority. But, according to the News Tribune overview of their experience, only Merritt has actually created family wage jobs; through the operation of his architectural firm, and through “having his hands all over several important Tacoma development projects.”

A second area of concern is the progress of Sound Transit’s plan for expanding light rail to Tacoma. The News Tribune wonders if Merritt is being overconfident by suggesting he could get light rail to Tacoma in 5 years rather than 13 under the current plan.

This is Merritt’s strength, to push back against the status quo. Tacoma needs someone at the transit table that will be a strong advocate for Tacoma.

Woodards is rightly praised for her community-organizing efforts. However, the changes coming to Tacoma call for a candidate with a much broader range of expertise and experience, in both the private and public sectors. The News Tribune endorsement makes it clear: Merritt is that candidate.