Letters to the Editor

Port: Interim rules are no-brainer for Tacoma

As a long time resident of Tacoma, it’s frankly alarming to watch Tacoma debate sensible temporary regulations in the Tideflats. It should be a no-brainer.

As Sightline Institute’s analysis shows, Tacoma is squarely in the bullseye for coal, oil and gas export schemes. These industries are economic development killers, to say nothing of the serious risks they pose to safety and Puget Sound’s health.

Worse, Tacoma lags Northwest working communities such as Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Vancouver, Washington, Portland and Whatcom County, which are already denying permission for dirty energy expansions. They know they are targets, so they are protecting themselves.

It’s well past time for Tacoma to follow the unanimous recommendation of the Planning Commission: Hit pause on new fossil fuel developments and get down to work on a long-term plan to keep the Tideflats a working waterfront.

But one that doesn’t repeat the toxic mistakes of the past.