Letters to the Editor

NFL protests: Let's walk the talk of our ideals

I do not support anyone forcing NFL players to stand for the national anthem. These are not protests about the flag, nor does the flag stand for the military, nor are these protests against the military.

They are efforts to keep focus on the gross inequalities between segments of our population and highlight that serious and ongoing efforts are needed to right the wrongs many Americans face.

After decades of struggle for equality, we have been going rapidly backwards since the last presidential campaign. Plus, people of color have had egregious encounters with law enforcement, also for decades, which eyewitness accounts have brought home to all the country.

Decent people are called upon to try to do something about these problems. True patriotism is not turning a blind eye to problems but working to make this country walk the talk of our ideals.

Until this is the land of the free and the home of the brave for all citizens, regardless of race, creed, color and religion, then we have work to do. And it is the obligation of decent people, true patriots, to point it out as they see fit.