Letters to the Editor

Charity care: This clinic relies heavily on Franciscan

Re: “Charity care ills run deeper than Tacoma hospital,” (TNT editorial, 10/4).

Has the Franciscan Health system “ lost its way” in providing charitable health care to the needy?

Franciscan has provided charitable assistance to the Neighborhood Clinic for 35 years. Located in the Hilltop Neighborhood and predominantly staffed by volunteers, the Neighborhood Clinic provides over 1,000 free urgent care visits annually.

Franciscan has partnered with the clinic to provide free services including lab testing, diagnostic imaging and pharmacy services since the beginning. Ongoing grant support helps keep the clinic operating.

Without the charitable support of Franciscan Health, we would not be able to continue our mission of providing health care to the neediest among us.

While this may not answer the question of whether or not they have lost their way, they demonstrate a commitment at large that may not be recognized.

(Hill is treasurer of the Neighborhood Clinic board.)