Letters to the Editor

Deadly force: Problem is criminals, not cops

Re: “A new campaign to prosecute cops who kill,” (TNT, 10/23).

Pardon me, but I believe a better use of time and resources, rather than De-Escalate Washington’s initiative making it easier to prosecute law enforcement officers who kill in the line of duty, should be concentrating on “de-escalating” the criminal element!

Tacoma has, according to recent data, reached a milestone in violent crimes, ranking No. 1 in the state. Our entitled youth seem to believe society owes them a living.

They seem to have no regard or respect for the life of others or themselves. Far too many seem to feel resolving disputes with guns is OK.

I would like the De-Escalate Washington people to put themselves in the shoes of those who are here to protect their lives and property. Perhaps a different perspective would emerge?