Letters to the Editor

War widow: Who knows what Trump really said?

Re: “Furor follows Trump’s call to soldier’s widow,” (TNT, 10/19).

You did not do your journalism homework by running this New York Times story.

The whole drama is from Rep. Frederica Wilson who was offended by a private call from President Trump offering condolences from our country regarding the death of Sgt. La David Johnson.

Our president was advised by his White House chief of staff, John Kelly, on what to say and Kelly was there when the call was made. Kelly was “heartbroken” when he heard the congresswoman’s criticism of Trumps words.

My concern over the article is you did not share the entire conversation. We need to hear it all so we can decide for ourselves if it Trump was coldhearted or was trying to offer a kind word and his sympathy.

Why did the congresswoman need to listen to this conversation? Mrs. Johnson’s loss is sacred. Let’s keep it that way.