Letters to the Editor

Mayor’s race: Woodards not educated enough

Re: “Here’s the lowdown on Woodards’ education,” (TNT editor’s column, 10/22).

Mayor candidate Victoria Woodards’ lack of basic education is a serious concern for many of us. Despite your statistic that only 47 percent of Americans have at least an AA, for a city Tacoma’s size, it is very unusual for a mayor not to have at least a BA.

A college education trains the mind as life experience cannot. Woodards would be interacting with leaders who have this training. She would be writing documents and letters that require the critical thinking and composition skills learned best at college.

Is it possible for her to have an ordered, analytical mind without even a junior college degree? Sure. But few students enter my college classroom with those skills already under their belts. Even if she had honestly graduated from Pierce, she would not be qualified.

We are a growing city with sophisticated needs. Our retiring mayor has negotiated globally with highly educated leaders of industry.

Let’s get someone who has studied and applied herself with clear-eyed focus. There is no better way to confirm smug assertions that Tacoma is not world-class than to elect a mayor who is not world-class.

(Parsons is a local community college English professor and a former News Tribune reader columnist.)