Letters to the Editor

Vandalism: Election sign theft not neighborly

I am a Tacoma educator who, along with many other Tacoma teachers, will be voting for Philip Cowan for City Council in November. This is not as much a political post, however, as it is about being neighborly and respecting fellow Tacomans’ property.

In August, our family put up two political signs for two candidates in our front yard, The next day Cowan’s sign was missing while the other candidate’s sign stayed up.

We installed another Cowan sign in our yard, which lasted about three days before being uprooted and tossed into the street. We put up a third sign, which we later found smashed and broken one street over. The other candidate’s sign remained intact.

We couldn’t let this continue so we put Cowan’s sign in our window instead.

The bottom line is this: We are still a small community and many of us know each other well and respect multiple viewpoints.

While you should vote for whoever supports your views, please respect the property and the beliefs of your neighbors and fellow Tacomans.