Letters to the Editor

Mayor’s race: Attacks by developers unwarranted

Re: “Campaign dispute erupts over Point Ruston,” (TNT, 10/20).

I was appalled to see the one-two punch from the Cohens, disparaging a long-time contributor to our community, mayor candidate and architect Jim Merritt.

A news article and a letter to the editor, based on claims from people who have no record of doing anything but profiting from our community, attacked a man who over the decades has contributed much to our community.

The ungrateful developers, who would have had no chance to make millions off Point Ruston if not for the groundwork done by Merritt, even slyly drag retired U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks’ name into their unwarranted claims.

It would appear the Cohens want a mayor with whom they can “do business” and will do anything to get one.