Letters to the Editor

Mayor’s race: Some presidents also lacked degrees

Re: “Woodards not educated enough,” (TNT letter, 10/31).

This letter, while grammatically correct, is otherwise very wrong. The author says Victoria Woodards can’t be a good Tacoma mayor without a college degree. How will Woodards compose a letter? the author asks. How can she deal with world leaders?

Excellent questions. What did Truman do?

Harry Truman (no degree) was the U.S. president from 1945-1953. The American Political Science Association recently ranked him as our sixth-best president; Abraham Lincoln (no degree) was No. 1; and George Washington (no degree) was No. 2.

Truman had secretaries to write letters; as mayor, Woodards will have an administrative assistant. And spell check.

The world leaders issue is more challenging. Truman swore and forced guests to listen to his daughter Margaret play piano. Badly.

What will Woodards do? She’ll ask good questions and then listen. (One can actually learn that way.) She’ll represent Tacoma with dignity and grace.

Oh, and she’ll sing better than Margaret Truman played piano.

World leaders? Bring ‘em on.