Letters to the Editor

Trump: Thanks to him, I'm off the sidelines

President Donald Trump has made me a better citizen. Prior to his election, all I had done politically was vote. Now I’m a trained grassroots organizer.

I know how to get ordinary citizens motivated. I’ve learned the power of peaceful protests.

Trump’s election has inspired me to fight for common decency in politics, for progressive leadership, for respect and civility in discourse, and for the constitutional freedoms guaranteed to every American.

So, thank you, Trump. You’ve turned me into a political activist, whereas before I was content to sit on the sidelines. My new mission will not stop when you leave office. I will continue to advocate for progressive values until my last breath.

Your presidency so far has been short-sighted, divisive, regressive and even alarming. Clearly Americans have a lot of work to do. I for one will never give up.