Letters to the Editor

Election: Shadko defends Puyallup open spaces

Puyallup’s agricultural history, pioneering heritage and big open spaces are a big part of what makes it a desirable city to live and raise a family. The Farmer’s Market, Daffodil Parade and Fairgrounds bring people out to celebrate our history of farming, flowers and citizens.

As a Puyallup resident, where I have raised my family, I do not want to see Puyallup replacing our open spaces with warehouses. Traffic is a major problem, and when developers want to build huge warehouses, vehicles will come to a standstill.

Heather Shadko has worked tirelessly to preserve our culture and heritage, keep parks beautiful and preserve historic farmlands. She is and always has been a strong advocate for preserving our green areas. She works to bring arts, free family events and environmentally friendly options to the city.

Puyallup is a great place; let’s keep it the best place to live in Pierce County. Vote to reelect Shadko to City Council.