Letters to the Editor

Mayor’s race: College degree overrated

Re: “Mayor’s race: Woodards not educated enough, (TNT letter, 10/31).

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this letter is that it was written by an educator who applies a very limited perspective to form criticism of an individual.

The writer states that “a college education trains the mind as life experience cannot” and insinuates mayor candidate Victoria Woodards would lack the ability to write documents and represent Tacoma with necessary sophistication.

To equate Woodards, who at age 52 has a wealth of life experiences, with an 18-year-old entering community college, reflects a combination of arrogance and ignorance – perspectives unbecoming an educator.

I have successfully navigated life without earning a college degree. In career experiences spanning more than 50 years, I have hired and managed hundreds of people. Those roles include CEO of a major law firm in Los Angeles, director of a Washington state agency, developer and builder of projects valued in the tens of millions and time as assistant managing editor at The News Tribune.

Throughout my career, I have not seen that a college degree — including advanced degrees — necessarily bestows any more functional ability for critical thinking and strategic analysis than what experiences can provide.